Aline Porrior

Employee Profile: Aline Porrior
Digital Media Specialist

Since Aline Porrior started at RAC in the middle of a pandemic lockdown, she went several months without meeting some of her colleagues in person. Some she’s only ever met online.

Thankfully, her bookcase Zoom backdrop instantly gives a sense of who she is and what she’s all about. As she says, only half-jokingly, she’s “an open book.”

First thing to note: the dozen-plus Funko Pops. The vinyl figure collectibles come in literally hundreds of shapes, sizes, and likenesses.  Aline has several from the musical Hamilton, various superhero franchises, and the Harry Potter series. There’s also one of David Bowie.

Toward the lower right of the bookcase, there’s a photo of her immediate family with whom she’s very close. Her dad, a retired military police officer, and her mom, a school administrator, both live in the Ottawa suburb where Aline grew up. And her brother, a serving military police officer, is currently stationed at Cold Lake, Alberta, where he lives with his girlfriend.

Looking to the upper left, there are some books on creativity, storytelling, and social media, which speak to Aline’s professional areas of expertise. There are also books on self-care and mental health, a topic which she is passionate about. She has recently begun opening up about her personal struggles in order to break the stigma and hopefully inspire others get the help they need.

“I want to help people who may also have struggled with mental health, confidence, and self-worth to realize that it’s normal. I want people to realize they’re not the only one dealing with these things. That there are outlets to talk, and ways to get better and feel better.”

She says she is still in a work in progress herself. By making her mental health as her number one priority, it has enabled her to try activities that she has always wanted to do. She recently joined Iron North Studio, an inclusive gym that has continuously pushed her out of her comfort zone. For example, Aline will be running multiple 5km races in 2021 – something she would have never dreamed of accomplishing – thanks to the support of her trainer Mandie.

She also recently adopted a rescue black cat called Luna. This has given her even more insight on continuing to take care of herself in order to be there for others.

Those acts of taking control of her own life have made her more comfortable putting her thoughts and ideas forward, bringing the best version of herself to every situation.

Aline’s creativity, storytelling, and social media know-how brought her to RAC in February 2021. Her role involves creating content that tell the stories of Canadian railroaders across RAC’s digital platforms.

After working as a House of Commons page and various assistant positions for Members of Parliament, she later worked at a leading association for Canadian farmers. She quickly realized there was a huge disconnect between people and their food.

At RAC, she believes there are daily opportunities to show people how the items they count on in their daily lives get from world markets to doorsteps across the country.

Another chapter of Aline’s life begins – and there’s still plenty of room on the bookshelf for whatever comes next.

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