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Women in Rail: Susan Anholt

Susan Anholt

Susan Anholt is a community leader and volunteer in Kenaston, the location of an important Canadian Northern Railway (CNR) feeder line in central Saskatchewan. The tower was built by the CNR and provided an important supply of water to the railway. Ms. Anholt’s unwavering commitment led to the restoration of Kenaston’s unique water tower in 2009. Her single-handed achievement demonstrates her dedication to preserving Canada’s rail history and to her community.

Ms. Anholt researched, applied for and obtained the funding necessary to preserve the tower. She also sourced all building materials and arranged for their transport to the site. In addition, she found and hired work crews, oversaw the work and personally mounted the scaffolding involved in the restoration work.

The Kenaston water tower, with a 40,000-gallon capacity, was built in 1910 just south of what was then Bonnington, Assiniboia, NWT. Built to replace the original 1889 tank, it is the oldest and the only remaining “tapered” tower. It is also one of only five water towers remaining in Saskatchewan, which at one time had some 400 dotting the province.