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Canadian Railways – Reliable Supply Chain Partners

For more than a century, railways have been the veins through which Canada’s economic lifeblood flows. They are critical to Canada’s – and the world’s – economy.

Rail’s dependability and reliability form a strong link in supply chains that have gone global. But moving Canada forward doesn’t happen by rail alone.

Moving goods from the producer to you requires collaboration across the entire supply chain. Getting products and packages over mountain ranges, across oceans, into ports, and onto your doorstep involves many partners. 

Supply chains aren’t easy to manage. They’re complex by their nature. And never more so than in recent years.

To be reliable, a lot of people – including railroaders, port workers, truckers, and warehouse employees to name a few – need to work together. Canadian railroaders nurture these relationships, support innovation, and find solutions. That’s how goods get to you when you want and need them.

Supply chains have to be resilient to any number of crises – natural, confrontational, financial, and more. They also have to be adaptable to changes in consumer behaviour, technology, and environmental changes so reliable service continues. 

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Canadian railways are reliable supply chain partners transporting $320 billion worth of goods to market each year. 

Canadian railways have invested $20 billion into supply chain fluidity and efficiency over the last decade. 

Canadian railways have worked with supply chain partners to transform how grain and other commodities get to market. That has led to record grain shipments this fall. 

Canadian railways are already among the most regulated entities in the country. With today’s inflationary pressures and economic headwinds, the last thing our railways need is a regulatory environment that creates supply chain slowdowns and barriers to private investment. 

All supply chain partners can work toward greater efficiency, accountability and data-sharing. Rail can be a model for others. 

Keeping our freight rail system healthy and strong will help move Canada forward.