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Who We Are

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) represents close to 60 freight and passenger railway companies—railways that transport millions of passengers and approximately $380 billion worth of goods across our country each year. RAC also counts a growing number of industrial railways and railway supply companies in its associate membership. As part of the fifth largest rail network in the world, RAC members are the backbone of Canada’s transportation system.

Moving People, Goods and the Economy

Canada’s rail sector isn’t just safely transporting goods and people from coast to coast—it’s powering our economy. RAC members employ more than 35,000 Canadians in railway operations, technology, safety, security and leadership positions. This highly productive workforce moves close to 70 per cent of all surface goods and half of the nation’s exports every year—delivering Canada’s amazing products to the country and the world.

Strong Advocates for Canada’s Railways

RAC’s mission is to work with governments and communities across the country to ensure that Canada’s rail sector remains globally competitive, sustainable, and most importantly, safe. Governments turn to RAC to help them develop new regulations, rules and standards. RAC also provides outreach, research and public education to ensure that Canadians are aware of the critical role rail plays in our lives and our economy.

A Rich History, and a Bright Future

RAC was first established back in 1917 to ensure the efficient movement of troops and supplies during the First World War. Its role may have changed over the years, but it remains just as relevant today as the day it was formed. But RAC and its members aren’t standing still—we are moving forward in innovative ways, helping Canadian businesses to stay competitive, supporting community economic development, and ensuring a safe and sustainable rail network for the future.