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The Railway Association of Canada’s (RAC’s) Regulatory Affairs Team acts as the voice of the rail industry when rules and regulations affecting the sector are being written. The team provides an essential link between federal regulators and RAC members, and works collaboratively with departments and agencies such as Transport Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Heritage and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. RAC also collaborates with provincial regulators. The association provides governments with input on the feasibility and impact of regulatory policies, and in doing so, supports the development of a Canadian rail system that is efficient, effective and above all, safe.

Canada’s Regulatory System Puts Safety First

Under the Railway Safety Act, the federal government writes and enforces dozens of safety regulations about the operation and maintenance of railways and rail equipment, the employment of people in positions critical to safe railway operations, and the security of rail transportation. The Minister of Transport can also order railways to write rules to address a specific safety issue. In addition, railways can take the initiative to draft new rules, or propose changes to existing ones, to improve safety. All rules are subject to a 60-day consultation period during which stakeholders can provide input on their potential impact. After that, rules are filed with the Minister, who reviews them, and if they are found to be conducive to safe rail operations, approves them.

RAC’s Regulatory Affairs Team coordinates the working groups that are tasked with drafting and revising rules. The team also monitors the progress of new or amended legislation, regulations and rules, and informs members when these legislative developments come into force. It also advises members on what impact rules and regulations will have on their operations, and provides guidelines on how to meet regulatory requirements.

With years of experience working in the rail industry and a wealth of knowledge about regulatory matters, RAC’s Regulatory Affairs Team has the ability to approach problems from an industry perspective, and provide solutions that aren’t just good for the rail industry, but are in the best interest of all Canadians.


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