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Canadian Railways: Leading In Innovation

Anyone who might not be inclined to think of Canada’s railway as innovators, clearly doesn’t know an RAC member.

In every corner of our industry and in companies big and small, rail innovation is happening daily. Rail truly is integral to Canada’s future – economically, environmentally, and in ways that are only beginning to come into focus.

An analysis of rail trends and innovations for 2021 revealed a top 10 in which RAC members stand to be major players moving forward. Whether it’s high-speed rail, artificial intelligence, or connectivity, exciting things are happening at railways across Canada.

This month, we focus on a few such innovations. Our member profile looks at how digitization of traditional processes is accelerating actionable, real-time data for railroaders to improve safety for all. Our associate member profile looks at the push for decarbonization, and how thinking differently about powering locomotives can yield economic and sustainability dividends. Of course, innovation is powered by great people.

To that end, we were extremely pleased to have hosted our first-ever Women in Rail event this month. Panelists and speakers contributed valuable insights, which – based on feedback from participants – were very well received. At the RAC, we are proud partners on the journey from diversity and inclusion to true belonging for all who will take our industry into the future.

Speaking of great teams, please also see below the latest in our series of RAC employee profiles as we introduce you to Michael Barfoot, our new Director, Regulatory Affairs.

We are rail’s voice in Ottawa – for innovation and all things. We are continuously having conversations across all levels of government about the challenges and opportunities before us today, and those that lie ahead.

I wish you a happy and healthy final few weeks of spring. As always, I am available at your convenience.