Presidents Messages

Message from the President -Supply chains

When Canadians buy something, they expect to get it. When they produce something, they expect they can get it to market. Canada’s railways are integral to delivering commodities and consumer goods safely and reliably. They transport $350 billion worth of goods each year and carry half of this country’s exports at least part of the […]


At this time of year, it’s tempting to look back. (And there will be time for that later this week.) But Canadian railroaders are always looking forward and finding a way through. That ethos is at the core of rail’s continuous drive to innovate and problem-solve. Who else could look at the Rockies in the […]

Economic growth

You will frequently hear me say: rail moves Canada forward. That’s true year-round. And it is especially so right now. When shoppers go to their local store or make an online order, chances are good that what they’re buying gets to them – at least in part – because of rail. As farmers look to […]

RAIL AND SUSTAINABILTY: A ray of light in a dreary world 

With everything going on in the world these days, with so much strife and division taking up oxygen on the news, on our social feeds, and in our public discourse, we can easily lose sight of the positive. We may forget that we have the capacity, individually and collectively, to contribute to making life better […]

Rail innovators are providing answers to some of this country’s ‘big-picture’ questions

Canadian railroaders have always been innovators making exciting contributions to our country’s development. To build and settle this country, railroaders imported still-nascent European technology and performed engineering marvels to push across the Prairies and to the Pacific. Today, rail companies of all types and all sizes continue to apply new technologies in new ways in […]

Resiliency is more than a buzzword, it is part of rail’s legacy and daily reality

Resiliency had become a buzzword of sorts even before the pandemic. Over the last two years, it’s become an even hotter topic. From environmental to economic to health and wellness resiliency and more, resiliency is all the rage. But, for Canadian railroaders, it’s not a concept that’s just recently hit it big; resiliency and grit […]

Delivering for Canadians – in 2021 and well beyond

The word unprecedented is overused by a lot of people. For Canadian railroaders, however, it is a fitting term to describe the events of 2021. Freight rail companies rang in this year adjusting to global supply change pressures aggravated by the COVID pandemic. Passenger and commuter rail operators were either halted in their tracks or […]

Rail Safety – It’s A Shared Responsibility

For Canadian railroaders, safety is a constant preoccupation. It is the currency of rail operations. And it is central to our social contract with the communities we serve. The annual Rail Safety Week is a way for us to drive that message home for people outside of our industry – to every Canadian family. This […]