Presidents Messages

Rail Safety – It’s A Shared Responsibility

For Canadian railroaders, safety is a constant preoccupation. It is the currency of rail operations. And it is central to our social contract with the communities we serve. The annual Rail Safety Week is a way for us to drive that message home for people outside of our industry – to every Canadian family. This […]

Wrapping Up Summer 2021

Summer is coming to an end and it’s to reflect on everything that happened in the last two months.

Reflecting on Canadian Indigenous History Month

Tân’si. OKI. Boozhoo. Aaaniin. Shé:kon. Pjil’asi. Kwe kwe. Wha Chii Ya. Gilakas’la. Kii-te-daas a. Wa.é ák.wé. Greetings, all. June is Indigenous History Month in Canada. The first day of summer also coincides with National Indigenous Peoples Day. This year, these observances are also marked with painful reminders of our collective past: the discovery of the […]

Canadian Railways: Leading In Innovation

Anyone who might be inclined to think of Canada’s railway as innovators, clearly doesn’t know an RAC member. In every corner of our industry, across segments, and in companies big and small, rail innovation is happening daily. Rail truly is integral to Canada’s future – economically, environmentally, and in ways that are only beginning to come into focus.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; our collective responsibility

We’ve made it through another winter, and we are looking forward to brighter days ahead with more people getting vaccinated to help eradicate COVID-19. This month has been a particularly active one for several of our members. Not the least of which is Canadian Pacific Railway who orchestrated one of the largest ever foreign corporate […]

Sustainability is much more than a buzzword. It is an imperative.

I’m sure many of us are in the same pandemic predicament: our regular routines – from sleep, to diet, to exercise – are modified and may be out of whack. Personal and corporate sustainability have been hot topics in recent years, perhaps even more so as we prepare to enter the recovery phase of the pandemic.

Canadian Railways: Catalysts for our Country’s Economic Recovery

2020 has been a year of significant challenges but we look to the future with renewed optimism. From global events such as the rise of the movements for equality and social justice to a pandemic that continues to affect most of the globe. More specifically in our industry; labour disruptions, blockades and of course, the […]