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Rail Safety – It’s A Shared Responsibility

For Canadian railroaders, safety is a constant preoccupation. It is the currency of rail operations. And it is central to our social contract with the communities we serve.

The annual Rail Safety Week is a way for us to drive that message home for people outside of our industry – to every Canadian family.

This year, I was extremely proud to see RAC members, our partners at Operation Lifesaver, and others connect with Canadians in new ways to get people thinking actively about rail safety. Several of these efforts, in fact, continue into October.

The #StopTrackTragedies and “Look. Listen. Live.” campaigns attracted the attention of adults across the country, while the “Thomas and Friends” art contest is getting young people engaged.

As Canada’s economic recovery accelerates, Canada’s railways will only carry more people and goods. And that only increases our responsibility to deliver safely.

I would also like to recognize this year’s winner of the Roger Cyr award Lloyd Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs spent more than two decades as a teacher and school administrator before joining the Newfoundland and Labrador Safety Council where he first got involved with Operation Lifesaver. His experience as an educator made him an ideal rail safety spokesperson in the province’s schools.

As summer turned to fall, Canadians got the chance to have their say about our country’s future.

Voters sent a clear message to all parties by returning a Parliament that looks very similar to the last one: get back to work and work together to get us out of the COVID era sooner and stronger.

Your RAC team in Ottawa will be connecting with Parliamentarians of all stripes to ensure our industry’s needs are heard and understood. Our message will be that rail operators can and must absolutely be part of Canada’s COVID recovery.

To that end, we will work with key cabinet ministers and their staffs once they are in place.

We will be introducing ourselves to new members of parliament and educating them on your issues.

We will also be resuming conversations with returning MPs – many of whom need little convincing that your business is indeed the nation’s business because Canada moves by rail.

Railroaders’ contributions to Canada are immense on all fronts.

As the RAC team in Ottawa continues to make that case to decision and policy-makers, a sincere thanks to all you and your colleagues for what you do – day in and day out – to keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently.

Stay safe. Be well.