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Resiliency is more than a buzzword, it is part of rail’s legacy and daily reality

Resiliency had become a buzzword of sorts even before the pandemic. Over the last two years, it’s become an even hotter topic.

From environmental to economic to health and wellness resiliency and more, resiliency is all the rage.

But, for Canadian railroaders, it’s not a concept that’s just recently hit it big; resiliency and grit are deeply engrained.

Indeed, resiliency is part of rail’s legacy and daily reality. Yet, over the last several years, that rail resiliency has been tested like never before.

From labour disruptions and blockades to the pandemic and extreme weather events, recent history has thrown new challenges for railroaders from the frontline and to the boardroom.

Passion and perseverance have helped keep our operators on track, and all RAC members have stepped up to serve their customers in new ways.

Determination has kept Canadian rail delivering for Canada and Canadians.

Most recently, rail resiliency has shone through in the response to catastrophic flooding in BC’s lower mainland and interior.

Our Class-1 members and others pulled off engineering miracles to get lines shored up, debris cleared, tracks replaced, and trains running again – all, facing incredible challenges, and all within a matter of days.

You can read about the experience of BC’s Southern Railway Limited (SRY) below.

You can also read about how one of our most active living railroaders is helping companies get beyond last season’s prairie droughts and hardwiring our sector’s resilience by mentoring the next generation of railroaders.

The RAC team is making the case to governments across the country that smart investments now can ensure Canadian rail is there to deliver – whatever comes our way.

We are also calling for better coordination between federal, provincial and municipal governments so swift action can be taken in response to challenges such as environmental disasters or unforeseen disruptions. Shared responsibility and cooperation of the public and private sector in the face of events that affect the supply chain ensures the fluidity of the network can be maintained or restored quickly.

And to all railroaders, thank you for always being living proof that resiliency is so much more than a buzzword. In our industry, it’s a way of life – one that’s key to Canada’s success … now and always.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2022.

Marc Brazeau
President & CEO