Canada’s Railways: Part of the Climate Change Solution

Canada’s railways are key to addressing climate change -they are the most environmentally sound way to move freight and people over land. Railroads are responsible for only 1.0% of Canada’s total GHG emissions, and 3.6% of Canada’s transportation sector GHG emissions.

Canada’s Railway Profile

Take a look at the impact Canadian railways have on the country. This includes economic and environmental numbers.

Shortline Railway Profile

Shortline railway operators are often one of the first links in essential Canadian supply chains. These companies support local economies while providing a lower impact way to move what Canada needs.

RAC Proximity Initiative

Since 2003, the Proximity Initiative has been working to raise awareness of proximity issues that occur when developments are located next to railway operations.

Provincial Rail Industry Profiles

Canada’s Railways: An industry with impact. Provincial/Regional profiles: freight traffic, employees and members, taxes, investments, infrastructure and fuel.

Safety First: The Canadian Railway Guarantee

Canadian railways are among the safest in the world -something we are extremely proud of. Our members follow strict guidelines to ensure that Canadians who work in rail or who live near rail are always protected.

Rail Trends 2023

Rail trends: continued growth for Canada’s rail industry 2022. Freight traffic, employment, safety, railway infrastructure, investment, taxes, passenger transportation.


The AskRail™ app is a safety tool that gives first responders immediate access to accurate, timely data about railcar contents so they can make informed decisions in the event of a rail emergency.