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Profiling RAC’s Accounting/Payroll Administrator Crystal Cliche

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Compared to the other industries that Crystal Cliche has worked in, the rail industry stands out. Crystal spent time working for accounting, construction, and electrical companies, just to name a few. But on June 27th, 2022, she joined the team at RAC as the Accounting/Payroll Administrator and entered the world of rail.

Living in Hammond, Ont., Crystal assists Sandra Kazaka, Vice President, Finance & Operations as she processes all payable invoices, follows up on all outstanding receivables with RAC’s members, processes payroll, and does anything in between that needs to be accomplished.

Crystal knew that her husband’s grandfather worked for the railroads, she thought it was interesting work and was intrigued about the industry herself. She realized there was so much more to rail than what appears.

“Most people only think of CN, CPKC, and VIA Rail. They don’t think about the other shortline railways that take care of the country,” said Crystal.

Since joining the team, Crystal’s learned a lot about what rail does for Canadians. She’s learned how trains offer much more than just a way for people to get around. One example being how much the supply chain depends on railways. Crystal also began to notice rail more and more wherever she goes.

“I find wherever I work, I always notice our members and clients,” said Crystal.

Crystal has become more conscious of rail and its impacts on Canadians. For instance, when she was driving up to Thunder Bay to visit family, she noticed the railroad crossings she drove through.

Crystal explained how the Google Maps app points out railroad crossings and how close you are to them. This feature came to be from a collaboration between RAC’s Operation Lifesaver and Google Maps.

Funded by RAC and Transportation Canada, Operation Lifesaver works to prevent needless tragedies from happening. Through face-to-face outreach and cutting-edge technologies, the program works to create safety-conscious attitudes toward railways, promotes safe driving skills, and adherences to railway signs and warnings.

It also happens to be one of the projects that stands out the most to Crystal. She appreciates the awareness it brings to not only rail safety, but railways in general.

Besides Operation Lifesaver, RAC’s culture stands out as well to Crystal. She explained how she knows that it’s the people that make a workplace.

“I’ve always been a firm believer in that it’s the team around you that makes the workplace special, as opposed to anything else,” said Crystal.

She went on to say that she feels like RAC has a very good group doing important work. Crystal’s excited to see new projects coming down the line and how RAC will continue to reach their audience. She’s particularly interested in keeping up with the work that Chris Day and Kevin Mason produce, and how they communicate RAC’s goals, missions, and support for Canadian rail.

Aside from working at RAC, Crystal’s two kids will be keeping her busy for the summer. While her daughter’s activities happen mostly in the winter, her son has his mostly in the summer. She said they always keep her on her toes.

Thanks Crystal for your work at RAC and enjoy your summer!