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Introducing Kevin Mason, RAC Director of Policy, Advocacy, and External Relations

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Kevin Mason is an Oshawa, Ontario native who’s lived in Ottawa for almost 10 years. He found a second home in the nation’s capital and an outlet for his love of public affairs.

Mason has worked at the House of Commons, the Senate, and in the Prime Minister’s Office. He has also managed accounts at a global consulting agency.

Trains have always been in his periphery. Family members used to build cars that were shipped to new owners by rail, and he has taken many VIA trips home over the years. Conversations with an engineer friend working on the Hyperloop Project also opened his mind to rail’s bright tomorrow.

“These conversations got me interested in where trains go, the economies of trains, and how they’ll work in the future,” said Mason. “Railways connect Canada to the world and Canadians to each other.”

That’s why he jumped at the chance to join the RAC. Advocacy is, for Mason, a way to make positive impacts through public policy – including ensuring that railways are positioned to continue driving our economy forward.

He already has a long list of policy areas where he hopes to make an impact, and supply chain efficiency is right at the top of that list.

“It’s an opportunity to tell our story and ensure we can continue to be as competitive and high-performing as possible,” he said.

Mason wants to see a regulatory environment that fosters collaboration between all supply chain partners, rather than inefficient over-regulation.

Canadian railways have among the lowest freight rates in the world, and the best safety record in North America. They’re also the most fuel-efficient way to move people and goods across the country. Innovative projects like CP’s hydrogen train or CN’s biodiesel research demonstrate the industry’s commitment to a climate-friendly future.

Mason will work with policymakers, industry, and other partners to influence fact-based and forward-looking government policy. Bringing a collaborative approach to the role, Mason is looking forward to working with all RAC members to bring their perspectives to government.

There are real solutions to alleviate supply chain congestion, support the vital “first mile, last mile” service provided by shortlines, and both strengthen and expand passenger rail networks. As an example, Mason references measures like working with government and other stakeholders on a solution allowing grain to be loaded in the rain at the Port of Vancouver.

Mason enjoys summer weekends at the cottage and travels when he can. He loves sports, especially hockey – both playing and refereeing. He is enjoying learning the ins and outs of the railway industry so he can better advocate on our behalf.

Welcome to the team, Kevin!