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Highlighting Kevin Ouimet, RAC’s Director of Mechanical Unloading Services Operations & Regulatory Affairs

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Kevin Ouimet is always looking to learn more. Whether it’s figuring out how to fulfill his bucket list dream of renting an RV for a vacation or listening to his fellow committee members problem-solve, he’s always open to expanding his knowledge.

He enjoys all the opportunities to learn more as the Director of Mechanical Unloading Services Operations & Regulatory Affairs at RAC. Kevin answers and asks questions about mechanics, loading open top and closed car rail cars, and establishing a loading pattern and placement in cars. 

Kevin’s no stranger to the rail industry by a long-shot. He worked for GATX Rail as an inspector for 10 years before moving to CAD Railway Industries. After that he worked for CN as a manager, and then for Transport Canada as a rail safety inspector. But it was one of the connections he made while working for CN that spurred him on to work for RAC. Kevin knew the previous Director of Mechanical Unloading Services, Claux Donyonne. 

“I told him, the day you retire, let me know because I’d like to do your job,” said Kevin.

Time had passed, but then Donyonne contacted Kevin to let him know that the position was going to be available. Knowing himself and how he likes a challenge, Kevin left his job at Transport Canada and joined the team at RAC.

But just because Kevin has lots of rail industry experience doesn’t mean he has nothing new to learn. In fact, it’s what he prefers. Kevin explains that he likes learning new things and the challenge is fun to him. It keeps him busy. 

As a member of the AAR Open Top Loading Committee and AAR Closed Car Committee, he’s always helping to develop new patterns and secure methods. He works collaboratively with others across all the railways in North America to improve rail safety for loading figures.

 “It’s different every day. There’s always something new and a bigger challenge out there,” said Kevin.

Since starting his position at RAC, he discovered that he could boost his knowledge on closed cars. 

“Everyone thinks you can put anything in there, close the doors, and ship it. But that’s not the way it works,” Kevin explains. 

Kevin’s knowledge and expertise has helped others in plenty of ways, but one impact that he’s especially happy about is his work to redesign RAC’s website to present figures on loading. He noticed that the AAR’s website laid out their figures in a simple and easy way, but the same couldn’t be said for RAC’s website. Kevin saw that it could be better, so he began working with Communication Specialist Ellie Gun to change it. The website isn’t finished yet, but Kevin’s still happy about what he could do. 

“That’s something I’m really proud of that we worked on last year,” said Kevin.

But Kevin knows when to put his professional learning on hold. He’s excited to spend time in Sandbanks Provincial Park with his family this summer. Kevin’s looking forward to having his family together and enjoying the lake.

Thanks Kevin for all you do at RAC!