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The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) advocates on behalf of Canada’s key freight, intercity, commuter and tourist rail businesses. The association also has a growing number of associate members―railways that operate exclusively on industrial sites, and suppliers that provide essential products and services to railways in Canada. Together, RAC’s members are the backbone of Canada’s transportation system, and play a pivotal role in shaping the Canadian economy.

RAC’s mission is to work with regulators, governments and communities across the country, while supporting the interests of Canada’s rail businesses. Whether it’s addressing issues around safety and security, competitiveness, the environment, or innovation, RAC ensures that the views of Canada’s rail industry are heard. RAC also engages in outreach, research and public education campaigns to keep elected and non-elected officials, and the general public, informed of the critical role rail plays in our lives and our country’s economy.

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By working together, RAC’s members are helping to ensure that Canada’s railways remain the safest, most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound transportation mode in the country. They are also helping Canadian businesses to stay competitive, supporting community economic development, and ensuring a safe and sustainable rail network for the future.

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