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2024 Shortline Conference: Lisa Tuningley

Lisa Tuningley, Founder and CEO, T-RAIL PRODUCTS

30+ years Rail Industry Experience. Passionate about Rail and positive rail futures!  

A disruptive entrepreneur in the Railway Industry determined to bring together the necessary innovations to support the growth of Canada’s economy through; 

  • Quality & Process,  
  • Financial Management, 
  • Customer Satisfaction,  
  • Safety,  
  • Corporate Performance 

T-RAIL Who are we?  

We are, Rail Advocate 

Track Material & Service Provider  

(Supply Chain Solutions) 

Disruptive Innovator (Plastic Ties)  

T-RAIL’s Innovative Solutions serve the Economy, Environment, and Communities. 

Positive Rail Messages 

i.e.. Rail serves our rights and freedoms as individuals and Canadians by shipping 70% of ground service transportation only 3.5% or less of green house gas emissions.  

Believe in:  

  • Partnerships, 
  • Triple P Bottom Lines (People-Profit-Planet), 
  • Win-Win-Win solutions, 
  • Sustainable futures working better together (Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Government) 

Things about Lisa  

  • 30+ years ago, she began her career as a marketing assistant with VAE Nortrak Ltd taking clients from the “round” file (garbage can) at a $100K forecast in 1994 to building a $45M, 5 yard operations, VP Sales 
  • 2010, left corporate world to start her own entrepreneurial company to service the Rail Industry with her vision of people at heart and sharing resources to support the growth of rail (saw a Niche) 
  • Lisa founded T-RAIL Products Inc. April 19, 2010 
  • T-RAIL fills a gap in the Railway Industry by servicing everyone except the Class I’s whom they partner with.   
  • A professional with success in bridging opportunities between companies to produce positive, influential, win-win-win solutions. 
  • Lisa has been awarded awards over the years, including,  
  • 2019 Awarded by CP recognition as one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women  
  • 2014 Awarded by EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year recipient. 
  • 2013 Awarded by RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Start-Up category) 
  • Co-founder of a fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii, BC, big time outdoor enthusiast & bites! (big or small) 
  • A champion of the railway community 
  • Mother or an awesome 25 year old young man whom she thinks of every time she’s about to make react and make a decision “what would my son think…”  

Lisa invites challenges as opportunities. Today she sees the challenges within the Railway Industry and looks for innovative solutions to support the growth of the Railway’s Transportation role in Canada’s future. She is building an enterprise to fuel and support the growing needs of the Railway Industry and proceeds to support mental health initiatives to make the world a kinder more inclusive place for all.