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2024 Shortline Conference: Chris Miller

Chris Miller, Senior Director, Services Product Management, Wabtec

Chris Miller is the Senior Director of Services Product Management at Wabtec where he is developing the roadmap and strategy for the energy systems powering the world’s existing freight locomotives. His products push the existing diesel-burning locomotive fleet to be more reliable and fuel-efficient while growing to include energy sources such as alternative fuels, batteries, and hydrogen that are needed to support the industry’s transition to carbon neutrality. Much of that push is around understanding the impact of biodiesel and renewable diesel when used in Wabtec locomotives, but also includes alternative fuels such as hydrogen. Chris spent 12 years at multiple North American Class I railroads in operations, reliability, and mechanical engineering. 

Chris has three children aged 10, 8, and 4 with his wife, Liz. They moved to Chicago in 2021 and love the city and suburbs. He enjoys running when there’s free time from all the kid’s fun activities (soccer, dance, swimming, and basketball).