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Loading & Unloading Dangerous Goods

This one-day training course on the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) by rail is designed for railway, oil and chemical plant employees, and can be customized to your facility’s operations and the specific dangerous goods that you handle.

Topics covered include:

  • TDG regulations
  • Railway tank car anatomy and nomenclature
  • Shipper and carrier responsibilities related to TDG
  • TDG training requirements
  • Transport Canada’s TP14877 Standard
  • Track protection (derails/switches/blue flags)
  • Pre/post inspection checklists
  • Car securement
  • Non-accidental releases (NARs)
  • Required markings and re-qualification stencils
  • Documentation

Course includes:

  • Manual
  • Written exam and results record for your files
  • TDG certificate and card for employees upon successful completion of course

Cost per day 2022:


BOE members $3200
Non-BOE members $5950


BOE members $2350
Non-BOE members $4200

Note: This is a flat rate per day that includes all training material and instructor expenses. Plus applicable taxes. There is no limit on the number of employees that can participate in a course.

For more information, or to book a training, please contact your RAC TDG Specialist:

Andy Ash ― Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (905) 953-8991
Email: aash@railcan.ca

Jean-Pierre Couture ― Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (450) 473-4459
Email: jeanpc@railcan.ca

Curtis Myson ― Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: (780) 992-8417
Email: curtism@railcan.ca