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Proximity Initiative RFP

In 2003, the FCM and RAC began an important partnership to develop common approaches to the prevention and resolution of issues arising from development occurring near railway corridors and other rail operations. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreed to by both parties, a Community-Rail Proximity Initiative was established, and a Steering Committee was formed with a mandate to develop and implement a strategy to reduce misunderstanding and avoid unnecessary conflicts arising from railway-community proximity. This led to the development of the Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations (Guidelines) in 2013.

As the Guidelines are nearing their 10-year anniversary, Proximity Initiative stakeholders are offering feedback on how the Guidelines may be enhanced to provide further support for the review of development applications in proximity to rail.

We are currently accepting proposals for consulting services to work with the Proximity Initiative Program Manager and the Proximity Initiative Steering Committee to deliver an update to the Guidelines. 

Please consult the Request for Proposals for more information.

** The proposal submission deadline is September 20, 2022, at 5:00 pm EST and we request that electronic proposals be submitted to Jenelle Saskiw at jsaskiw@railcan.ca.**