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Transportation costs affect homebuying decisions: report

Efficient, low-cost transportation services like commuter rail have a big impact on the full costs of home location options, according to new research from RBC and the Pembina Institute.

Location Matters: Factoring location costs into homebuying decisions illustrates that seemingly cheaper homes located farther from the urban centres can actually cost more when transportation and commuting costs are factored in.

“This report underlines that there is a need to make smart land use planning decisions, in the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere, that include access to efficient transportation services like commuter rail,” said Michael Gullo, Director of Policy, Economic and Environmental Affairs with the Railway Association of Canada.

“Commuter rail has numerous benefits including improving an individual’s quality of life by minimizing transit time and freeing up time to be more productive, as well as reducing emissions in local and regional airsheds and improving public health by taking more cars off the road.”



Alex Paterson
Railway Association of Canada

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