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RAC 2021 Pre-Budget Submission

Today, we presented the Association’s pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finances.

The submission outlines 5 key recommendations:

  1. Launch VIA Rail’s High Frequency Rail (HFR) project, as it represents a key infrastructure initiative that will contribute to a more sustainable economic recovery for Canada;
  2. Create a federal capital funding program to support shortline infrastructure investment;
  3. Implement tax policy changes to incentivize railway infrastructure investment to ensure that the sector can maintain a robust supply chain and facilitate future volume growth;
  4. Take additional steps to ensure that tourism rail operators have immediate access to capital and create a task force to develop a long-term recovery plan for Canada’s tourism sector; and
  5. Increase capital funding to help restore jobs, connect people, and keep transit central to a lower-carbon economy and more sustainable urban life.

The pre-budget submission is available on here for your information and distribution. Members are encouraged to reinforce its themes in budget related discussions and submissions to officials.