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Canadian Railway Hall of Fame announces 2013-2014 inductees

John Armstrong, Milton Deno and the community of Saint-Lambert, Que. are the 2013-2014 inductees into the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame (CRHF), a virtual exhibit that recognizes the people, technology and municipalities that have advanced Canada’s railway industry.

“Congratulations to this year’s inductees,” said Gérald Gauthier, Chair of the CRHF. “Their contributions have helped Canada’s railway industry remain competitive and sustainable.”

Below are details about the winners in each category.


John Armstrong’s contributions as a union leader have earned him an induction into the CRHF under the Leaders category, which recognizes individuals who have influenced the construction, development and promotion of Canada’s railway sector. Mr. Armstrong was a conductor, General Chairman of CN lines West, as well as Vice President of the United Transportation Union. His former colleagues have described him as an insightful leader who saw the pros and cons of every employer-employee issue, and sought to achieve a win-win scenario with every agreement.


The Heroes subcategory recognizes individuals that have made a special contribution to the railway industry through their involvement in the maintenance and operation of Canadian railways. Thanks to Milton Deno, Canadian Pacific in 1967 became one of the first railway companies to use Locotrol – a technology that permits railway locomotives to be distributed throughout a train’s length. Mr. Deno implemented CP’s first systems, and paved the way for the widespread distributed power (DP) operations that exist in Canada today. Throughout his near 50-year career in the railway business, Mr. Deno introduced Locotrol DP technology to global markets, helping railways around the world move longer and heavier trains.


This subcategory honours communities deemed to have historical significance to Canada’s railway system. The community of Saint-Lambert, Que. was born from the presence of the railway more than 150 years ago. Beginning with the growth of both the Champlain & St. Lawrence Railway and the Grand Trunk Railway in the mid-nineteenth century, Saint-Lambert has evolved from a rural community into a busy suburb occupied by dozens of trains each day carrying goods to and from Montreal.



Alex Paterson
Railway Association of Canada

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