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2023 RAC SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT AWARDS: Winners have their say

OTTAWA, Nov. 29, 2023The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today unveils the winners of its 2023 Safety and Environment Awards, recognizing excellence and innovation.

Recipients’ commitment to safer, cleaner communities speaks for itself:


CN – Enablon GO:

  • “CN’s Near Miss and Hazard reporting system allows employees to proactively identify issues across the network. It not only gives us a boost forward in our goal of reaching zero injuries, but also demonstrates the culture of collaboration and trust that is evolving within CN.” – Carolyn David, Senior Manager, Safety Systems, CN

Cando Rail & Terminals – Good Catch Campaign

  • “At Cando Rail & Terminals we strive for a spirit of consultation and cooperation. We recognize that when employees participate directly by providing their ideas, experience, and effort, we all benefit. Identifying and reporting safety hazards has always been a part of working safely. What our Good Catch Campaign adds is a systematic process, which was developed by our employees in the field, that not only engages our people to proactively identify risks but also acknowledges them for their role in preventing incidents.” – Brian Cornick, President & CEO, Cando Rail & Terminals

Rocky Mountaineer – Incident Reporting System:

  • “At Rocky Mountaineer, we have an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our team members, guests, partners, and the communities and natural spaces where we travel. With this enhanced Incident Reporting System, we capture all incidents, no matter how minor, so they can be investigated, catalogued, and addressed in a quick, holistic manner. The new system keeps safety at the forefront of our team’s actions every day.” – Court Edeburn, Vice President and Chief Safety Officer, Rocky Mountaineer

Toronto Terminals Railway Company – Front-Line Safety Program

  • “Our RAC Safety Culture Survey in 2022 revealed that our staff were seeking ways to collaborate on safety improvements. From this, our Front-Line Safety Program was created with a focus on having safe practices designed, implemented, and endorsed by the workers that use them.  We thank the RAC for their support and look forward to sharing our success with the industry.” – Daniel Goodfellow, Manager of Safety, Toronto Terminals Railway


  • “I am very pleased to accept this award on behalf of Metrolinx. As an organization, safety is our top priority, and we are committed to implementing innovative solutions to support customers, staff, and industry partners. Our new Text-for-Help Program, a collaborative and staff-driven initiative, enables us to provide real-time, 24/7 support to customers in need of assistance.
  • The system is responsive to messages in over 150 languages, provides immediate responses, receives clear descriptions and locations, and reaches a greater number of customers. This has resulted in increased crime prevention, apprehension of individuals, location of missing persons, and service outreach to vulnerable persons on our network. The Text-for-Help Program has also helped Metrolinx reduce incidents of threats and violence against Metrolinx employees and customers by 36% in 2023 and will continue to be a vital tool in our efforts to keep our network safe.” – Martin Gallagher, Chief Operating and Safety Officer, GO and UP


CN – Lac Huit Mille Fish Pass

  • “CN is proud of the work done by France to create biodiversity and enhancement initiatives, support local communities, their economy and the environment we all share.” Luanne Patterson, Director, Environment at CN

exo – Sound Energy Management Program:

  • “By implementing its Sound Energy Management Program, exo has thought outside the box and completely rethought practices in the railway sector. Exo continues to intensify its efforts and is also tackling the energy consumed in the operation of its maintenance centers. Our goal: to continue to improve our services in order to make them even more environmentally responsible and to strengthen the position of the train as an intelligent choice for getting around. A 10-car passenger train means 2,000 fewer vehicles on the roads. As the sole commuter train operator in Québec, exo plays an important role in the public transportation ecosystem!” – Jacques Coulombe, Senior Director, Train Operations and Infrastructure, exo

Canadian railways are consistently among the safest in the world. They’re also green and getting greener. Learn more at www.railcan.ca and be sure to connect with RAC on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.