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Michael Barfoot

Employee Profile: Michael Barfoot
Director, Regulatory Affairs

As the youngest of three kids growing up on the family farm in Chesley, Ontario, Michael Barfoot loved attending Air Cadet meetings in nearby Hanover.

He learned winter camping skills and made friends, but particularly enjoyed the drills. That appreciation for precision served him well throughout a career that began in quality assurance and led him into regulatory affairs.

Michael’s professional journey started in aviation, another highly regulated transport industry focused on safety and economics.

After studying aviation management, he worked at Canada’s largest airport authority and its largest air carrier, eventually becoming general manager in charge of regulatory compliance.

In April 2021, Michael joined the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) as Director of Regulatory Affairs and is now the Senior Director, Operations & Regulatory Affairs.

His key responsibilities include administering RAC Rules, Standards, and Circulars; liaising with federal and provincial transportation regulators; and managing the RAC Safety & Operations Management Committee, which oversees 15 sub-committees.

He also oversees RAC’s departments of Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Spectrum/Telecommunications, and Mechanical/Car Loading.

In addition to this, Michael sits on the Executive Committee for the Enhanced Train Control program, has completed conductor training at a Class 1 freight railway, and represents the RAC for the UIC North American Region and the AAR Safety & Operations Management Committee.

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