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Janet Greene

Employee Profile: Janet Greene
Director, Member Engagement

Janet Greene describes herself as “project-oriented.” Her husband, Neil, is too.

Good thing.

The couple has taken on the biggest project of their lives: the restoration of a stately farmhouse that was built in 1906.

It sits on 3 acres in rural south Ottawa and that suits Janet, who calls herself a home body, just fine.

“Everything about this property called to us. I’m never leaving,” she says with a smile. “I grew up in the Glebe (an established Ottawa neighbourhood). So, I am used to old brick homes. But I still can’t believe we have the opportunity to live where we do.”

She adds: “We count our blessings every day for that.”

The couple bought their home right before COVID hit home in Canada. Janet has foregone the commute into the city and set up a home office in a turret.

Asked if the renos have tested the couple’s 23-year relationship, Janet replies: “We’re both pretty laid-back people.”

“We’re ambitious, driven, and need to be advancing,” she says. “But we don’t fight. Spats are rare, but they always end in laughter. We just get along so well.”

Janet and Neil met after graduating high school. Janet changed plans to study in Toronto, and instead stayed in Ottawa to be with Neil as she completed a BA in Law at Carleton University.

Janet, in fact, started at the Railway Association of Canada as a student. She began doing administrative duties, then events, and ultimately progressed into member relations.

“I really do love the rail industry. I believe in it,” she says. “Many of the people in our member companies have been there for the long-haul, like me. I’ve fostered relationships and established deep, working, reciprocal relationships to help all members grow and get better.”

For Janet, like so many in the industry, rail is generational. Her mom, a breast cancer survivor, worked for CN as an administrative assistant. Janet grew up with an appreciation for the 24/7/365 demands of the business.

The lone girl among four kids, Janet also grew up with the “chaos” of having three brothers and “super sporty.” To this day, she remains an avid swimmer. She also loves to dive into good fiction – everything from horror to fantasy. Her favourite by far: the Harry Potter series.

“I read it later than most, in my 20s, but finished each book within a day or two,” she says. “I love the story, the characters. It resonates with so many people growing up. And the wizardry, paranormal, witchy stuff checked boxes for me.”

Janet’s charmed life, forged through hard work and perseverance, is a tale for the ages, and one rooted firmly in a passion for rail.

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