Moving the Economy

Canada’s railways as recovery partners post COVID-19

Canada’s railways as recovery partners: private and public sectors can work together to help ‘roar back’ from COVID shocks Whenever I am asked about my job and why I am passionate about what I do, it inevitably comes down to one thing: it’s the people. It’s the tens of thousands of railroaders across Canada who […]

Enabling Canada’s World-Class Supply Chain

The record investments in infrastructure and equipment earmarked in 2020 are enabling railways to better serve their customers by enhancing the safety, efficiency and resiliency of the rail network.

Delivering Canada’s Amazing Products to the World

Canada’s freight railways move over 900,000 tonnes of goods every day, 365 days a year. They deliver everything from the food we eat, to the cars we drive and the fuel we use to heat our homes. Click to learn more.

Canada’s Freight Railways: Moving the Economy

Moving goods by rail helps Canadian businesses compete – and win. Canada’s railways offer some of the lowest freight rates in the world, saving businesses billions. Click to learn more.