TC O-167: Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR)
Effective December 26, 2013

TC O 0-165: Railway Freight and Passenger Train Brake Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf, 83kb)
Approved November, 2013
Effective November, 2013

TC E-54: Rules Respecting Track Safety (pdf 146kb)
Approved November 25, 2011
Effective May 25, 2012
Original approved March 27, 1992
TC O-056: Railway Equipment Reflectorization Rules (pdf 112kb)
Effective July 19, 2006

TC O-102: Rules Respecting Minimum Qualification Standards for Railway Employees (pdf 129kb)
Approved June 23, 2009

TC O 0-140: Work/Rest Rules for Rail Operating Employees (pdf, 59kb)
Effective February 23, 2011

RAC Work/Rest Rules Interpretation Document (pdf, 56kb)

TC E-14: Standard For LED Signal Modules At Highway/Railway Grade Crossings (pdf 331kb)

TC O-112: Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 135kb)
Revised May, 2013

TC O-26: Railway Passenger Car Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 88kb)

TC O-16: Railway Passenger Handling Safety Rules (pdf 188kb)

TC E-10: Standards Respecting Pipeline Crossings under Railways (pdf 68kb)

TC E-07.01: Railway Signal and Traffic Control Systems Standards (pdf 68kb)

TC E-06: Rules for the Control and Prevention of Fires on Railway Rights-Of-Way (pdf 136kb)

TC O 0-159: Railway Freight Car Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 64kb)

TC O-010: Rules for the Installation, Inspection and Testing of Air Reservoirs (Other than on Locomotives) (pdf 89kb)

TC O-17A: Railway Rules Governing Safety Critical Positions (pdf 122kb)

TC O 0-68: Railway Medical Rules for Positions Critical to Safe Railway Operations (pdf 62kb)
Approved June 16th, 2000
Revised October 19, 2006

TC E-05: Standard Respecting Railway Clearances (pdf 674kb)

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