TC O-167: Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR)
Effective December 26, 2013

TC O 0-184: Railway Freight and Passenger Train Brake Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf, 217kb)
Approved October 27, 2014
Effective October 27, 2014

TC E-54: Rules Respecting Track Safety (pdf 146kb)
Approved November 25, 2011
Effective May 25, 2012
Original approved March 27, 1992
TC O-056: Railway Equipment Reflectorization Rules (pdf 112kb)
Effective July 19, 2006

TC O-102: Rules Respecting Minimum Qualification Standards for Railway Employees (pdf 129kb)
Approved June 23, 2009

TC O 0-140: Work/Rest Rules for Rail Operating Employees (pdf 59kb)
Effective February 23, 2011

RAC Work/Rest Rules Interpretation Document (pdf, 56kb)

TC E-14: Standard For LED Signal Modules At Highway/Railway Grade Crossings (pdf 331kb)

TC O-187: Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 293kb)
Revised December 2014

TC O-26: Railway Passenger Car Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 88kb)

TC O-16: Railway Passenger Handling Safety Rules (pdf 188kb)

TC E-10: Standards Respecting Pipeline Crossings under Railways (pdf 68kb)

TC E-07.01: Railway Signal and Traffic Control Systems Standards (pdf 68kb)

TC E-06: Rules for the Control and Prevention of Fires on Railway Rights-Of-Way (pdf 136kb)

TC O 0-185: Railway Freight Car Inspection and Safety Rules (pdf 586kb)

TC O-010: Rules for the Installation, Inspection and Testing of Air Reservoirs (Other than on Locomotives) (pdf 89kb)

TC O-17A: Railway Rules Governing Safety Critical Positions (pdf 122kb)

TC O 0-68: Railway Medical Rules for Positions Critical to Safe Railway Operations (pdf 62kb)
Approved June 16th, 2000
Revised October 19, 2006

TC E-05: Standard Respecting Railway Clearances (pdf 674kb)


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Locomotive Emissions Monitoring

The Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program (LEM) data filing is completed in accordance with the terms of the 2011-2015 Memorandum of Understanding (2011 – 2015 MOU) signed on April 30, 2013, between the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) and Transport Canada (TC) concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and criteria air contaminants (CAC) from locomotives operating in Canada. MORE >