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Sep 22, 2015

Railway Association of Canada honours 2015 Safety and Environment Award winners

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today recognized five of its members for their outstanding contributions to rail safety and environmental stewardship.
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Aug 25, 2015

Canada’s railways launch French version of their popular AskRail app

Canada’s railways unveiled a French version of their AskRailTM app today, now providing emergency responders with real-time information about a train’s railcar contents in both official languages.
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Jul 15, 2015

Canada’s railways dismayed by bias and inaccuracies in recent Maclean’s article

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) was disappointed by the biased reporting evident in the article “Are train companies railroading Canadian communities?” published in Maclean’s earlier this week.
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Jul 15, 2015

Northern Ontario firefighters to receive industry-sponsored transportation emergency response training

Media are invited to attend a training session for northern Ontario emergency responders on how to safely respond to a transportation incident involving flammable liquids.
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