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Jun 15, 2015

RAC Dangerous Goods Team completes first railway emergency response training course of 2015

The Railway Association of Canada's Dangerous Goods Team has completed its first of three 40-hour railway emergency response training courses at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) in Maple Ridge, B.C.
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May 28, 2015

Railways announce new mobile app to give Canadian first responders real-time dangerous goods information

Canada’s railways are launching their new AskRail app, aimed at providing emergency responders with real-time information about a train’s rail-car contents in the event of an emergency.
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May 01, 2015

Railway association statement on electronically controlled pneumatic brakes

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking systems use electronic controls to activate air-powered brakes on all cars in a train simultaneously...
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May 01, 2015

Railway association welcomes Canada-U.S. harmonized tank car standard

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) welcomes the harmonized rail tank car standard introduced today by Canada’s transport minister and the United States transportation secretary.
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The Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program (LEM) data filing is completed in accordance with the terms of the 2011-2015 Memorandum of Understanding (2011 – 2015 MOU) signed on April 30, 2013, between the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) and Transport Canada (TC) concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and criteria air contaminants (CAC) from locomotives operating in Canada. MORE >