Environmental Technologies

Locomotives are technology powerhouses that consume less fuel and emit fewer GHGs than ever before. Railcars are getting major enhancements even though there is little outward change in their appearance. Higher horsepower more fuel-efficient locomotives are being equipped with positive traction systems to improve productivity and reduce fuel costs. Ultra high-frequency radio communications and fibre optic transmission relay data from engine cabs to control centres in both video and voice modes.

  • Newer technologies such as "low idle" features, automatic stop/start systems, and rail lubrication have all contributed to Rail's fuel efficiency;
  • New General Electric Evolution Series Locomotives reduce emissions by 40 per cent and can be upgraded in the future;
  • The Green Goat from RailPower Technologies in Montreal, is a 2,000-horsepower hybrid switch engine that's both fuel efficient and quiet when compared to conventional yard locomotives in the same power range.
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