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15 July 2015 - Canada’s railways dismayed by bias and inaccuracies in recent Maclean’s article
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) was disappointed by the biased reporting evident in the article “Are train companies railroading Canadian communities?” published in Maclean’s earlier this week. MORE >

15 July 2015 - Northern Ontario firefighters to receive industry-sponsored transportation emergency response training
Media are invited to attend a training session for northern Ontario emergency responders on how to safely respond to a transportation incident involving flammable liquids. MORE >

6 July 2015 - Railway Association of Canada statement on two-year anniversary of Lac-Mégantic
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today acknowledges the tragic accident that occurred two years ago in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. MORE >

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Millions of people who live in Canada’s biggest cities, as well as those living in smaller communities, depend on the safe delivery of dangerous goods. MORE >

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