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22 September 2015 - Railway Association of Canada honours 2015 Safety and Environment Award winners
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today recognized five of its members for their outstanding contributions to rail safety and environmental stewardship. MORE >

25 August 2015 - Canada’s railways launch French version of their popular AskRail app
Canada’s railways unveiled a French version of their AskRailTM app today, now providing emergency responders with real-time information about a train’s railcar contents in both official languages. MORE >

15 July 2015 - Canada’s railways dismayed by bias and inaccuracies in recent Maclean’s article
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) was disappointed by the biased reporting evident in the article “Are train companies railroading Canadian communities?” published in Maclean’s earlier this week. MORE >

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If there’s a railway industry achievement that doesn’t get enough attention, it’s that shippers in Canada enjoy the lowest rail rates in the world. MORE >

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