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8 February 2016 - RAC President Michael Bourque responds to The Hill Times op-ed
RAC President and CEO Michael Bourque today responded to an op-ed that appeared last week in The Hill Times. MORE >

27 January 2016 - RAC featured in new TRANSCAER® Canada video
See how TRANSCAER® is helping responsibly manage transportation risks and ensure communities across Canada are prepared. MORE >

4 January 2016 - Railway Association of Canada releases Rail Trends 2015
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) is pleased to announce the publication of the 2015 edition of Rail Trends, the association’s annual report on the performance of Canada’s railway industry. MORE >

President's Message

With dozens of new members of parliament and 30 additional seats in the House of Commons following October’s election, Ottawa looks very different than it did only a few months ago. MORE >

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