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12 October 2016 - Canada’s railways support new federal rail safety program
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) is pleased that the federal government’s new rail safety program addresses the two most pressing public safety issues associated with rail operations in Canada: trespassing on railway property and accidents at grade crossings. MORE >

3 August 2016 - Canada’s railways release new video to promote free national emergency response training program
Canada’s railways today released a new promotional video about TRANSCAER® – the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response initiative. MORE >

25 July 2016 - Canada’s railways welcome accelerated phase-out of legacy DOT-111 tank cars
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) strongly supports the accelerated phase-out of so-called “legacy” DOT-111 tank cars used to transport flammable liquids, announced today by Transport Minister Marc Garneau. MORE >

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The federal government recently announced that it was introducing a price on carbon, which will either be imposed directly by the federal government or by provinces. MORE >

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