Railways 101 Articles

We’ve Come a Long Way Since the Last Spike

Today’s railways use cutting-edge technologies and process improvements to promote safety, enhance customer service and reduce their environmental footprint. Click to learn more.

Delivering Canada’s Amazing Products to the World

Canada’s freight railways move over 900,000 tonnes of goods every day, 365 days a year. They deliver everything from the food we eat, to the cars we drive and the fuel we use to heat our homes. Click to learn more.

Safely Transporting Dangerous Goods

Rail is a safe mode for transporting dangerous goods — 99.999 per cent of shipments reach their destination without a release caused by an accident.
Click to learn more.

Investing in Canada’s Critical Rail Infrastructure

Railways invest in safety and service today, and in growth for the future. Canada’s railways have invested close to $33 billion in their infrastructure since 1999 to ensure safe, reliable and efficient service. Click to learn more.

Canada’s Passenger Railways: Moving People

Rail is the better way to get from Point A to Point B. Every year, more than 100 million passengers choose rail as a comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly way to travel. Click to learn more.

Canada’s Freight Railways: Moving the Economy

Moving goods by rail helps Canadian businesses compete – and win. Canada’s railways offer some of the lowest freight rates in the world, saving businesses billions. Click to learn more.

Rail Relocation in Canada

On the surface, rail relocation may seem like an easy solution. However, this process is both extremely complex and costly. Click to learn more.