Recognizing global events, security is an extremely important issue for all modes of transportation.  Fortunately Canadian Rail has an established tradition and expertise in security and policing.  The large railways have permanent, well-trained and supervised police forces and have formal partnerships and close liaison with public police and security forces.  Passenger Rail has also improved its security measures. 

RAC has established a Security Committee that focuses on the sharing of ideas, best practices and technology and has initiated security improvements within the industry.  Its mandate is to advise on security concerns, relevant legislation, security improvements, facilitating and coordinating security concerns and activities between freight and passenger members. RAC, in cooperation with its members, is working closely with Transport Canada in developing programs and initiatives to improve the security of passenger Rail and urban transit operations.

RAC and Transport Canada signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in November 2007 that required RAC members to submit a description of their security plans to Transport Canada by July 2008. The security plans are reviewed on an annual basis and updated as required.  Further, there is a systematic review of each railway security plan every three years. In addition, the rail businesses will report to Transport Canada any security incidents as they occur.

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