The new AskRail™ mobile app is one of the many ways that Canada’s railways are working to protect communities along rail lines. AskRail is a safety tool that gives emergency responders immediate access to accurate and timely data about railcar contents so they can make informed decisions in the event of a rail emergency. All North American Class 1 railroads are using the app, and it is available in both English and French.

Effective emergency response starts with access to better information

Through its simple search function, AskRail gives emergency responders access to information such as the type of material that railcars are carrying, railway emergency contact information, and reference resources.

Canadian railways must have comprehensive emergency response plans in place to ensure an immediate and effective response in the event of an incident involving dangerous goods. They must also provide municipalities with regular reports on the dangerous goods moving through their communities, including the number of unit trains, the percentage of railway cars carrying dangerous goods, and the nature and volume of those goods. But the AskRail app goes further—giving emergency responders real-time information to help them respond to a railway incident. Making sure first responders have current and reliable information means improved safety.

Request the app

For security reasons, only qualified emergency responders who have successfully completed a railway emergency response training course can download and use the app.

  1. Email a request to the Class 1 railway operating in your community. For CN, please email For CP, please email
  2. The railway will verify that you are an emergency responder who is eligible to access the app, and will forward your request to Railinc.
  3. Railinc will send you an email invitation to register, sign a user agreement, and download the app.

The AskRail app is a collaborative effort by all North American Class 1 railroads, the Association of American Railroads, the Railway Association of Canada, Railinc Corp. and the Transportation Technology Center, Inc.

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