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Nov 23, 2016

Canada railways: Part of the climate change solution

The federal government recently announced that it was introducing a price on carbon, which will either be imposed directly by the federal government or by provinces.
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Aug 02, 2016

Frequently asked questions

I learn a lot from the feedback I receive about my message in Interchange. Readers are passionate about Canada’s railways and the topics discussed in these pages. I appreciate those that take the time to share their thoughts on the issues facing the industry.
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May 19, 2016

An evidence-based approach to rail safety

Canada’s new Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, has stated publicly that rail safety is his top priority. The rail industry agrees wholeheartedly, and is working towards an evidence-based approach for discussion and consideration.
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Feb 22, 2016

Paying the price for congestion

Most of us have been stuck in Toronto traffic or have experienced the “Don Valley Parking Lot.” But is an HOV toll the right approach to reducing congestion and pollution from vehicles?
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Dec 15, 2015

Elections present new challenges, opportunities for railway industry

There are a lot of fresh faces on Parliament Hill these days. With dozens of new members of parliament and 30 additional seats in the House of Commons following October’s election, Ottawa looks very different than it did only a few months ago.
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Aug 13, 2015

Busting the railway market power myth

If there’s a railway industry achievement that doesn’t get enough attention, it’s that shippers in Canada enjoy the lowest rail rates in the world.
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