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The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) advocates for and represents the key commuter, goods, tourist and intercity Canadian Rail businesses as well as a growing number of Associate Members in the rail supply and industrial rail operator sectors. It has a long and valued history and continues to play a vital role in helping shape the Canadian economy.

The RAC promotes and defends the interests of Rail businesses with the regulators in Ottawa, the provincial legislatures and local governments. From Safety and Security; to Taxation and Dangerous Goods; to the Environment; and to Innovation and the Economy, the industry is most effective when it speaks with a singular voice. This is why RAC regularly encourages others to collaborate with its lobby efforts.

Together we can change Government and public awareness of Rail to reflect its unique importance to Canada in the 21st Century. Every day we are making a difference.

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Our quarterly magazine, Interchange, provides an in-depth perspective on the vast array of critically important issues facing our more than 50 freight and passenger railways and is an important link to our suppliers, customers, related industry associations, friends, allies, government officials and community leaders. We invite you to explore the newly designed RAC Interchange Magazine... MORE >