Rail Trends

Rail Trends is the Railway Association of Canada’s annual report on the performance of Canada’s freight and passenger railway sector. The publication contains a rolling 10-year review of financial and statistical results, reflecting multiple aspects of rail performance in Canada.

Rail Trends 2016
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Rail Trends 2015
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2014 Rail Trends
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2013 Rail Trends
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2012 Rail Trends
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2011 Rail Trends
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Rail Trends 2010
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Rail Trends 2009
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Infographic - Rail Trends 2016

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Rail Trends

The Railway Association of Canada's Rail Trends provides a ten-year composite of financial and operating statistics for a comprehensive review of the business of transporting goods and people by rail in Canada. This review covers virtually all interveners of rail - the Class 1s, regional freight companies, short lines, intercity passenger, commuter and tourist train... MORE >