Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program

The Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program (LEM) data filing for 2013 has been completed in accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) and Transport Canada (TC) concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and criteria air contaminants (CAC) from locomotives operating in Canada. The 2013 report is the third report prepared under the MOU.*

*The MOU originally covered performance from 2011 to 2015. It was extended to the end of 2016 on September 22, 2015.

To download the document, click here.

Click here for the LEM 2011-2015 Action Plan for Reducing GHG Emissions.

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Overview of the Rail Trends Methodology
Estimation of the 2011 CAC Emission Factors and Total Emissions by the Canadian Locomotive Fleet

Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program 2013

To download the report, click here (PDF 781 KB).

Emission data for years 1990-2013 (Tables)
Traffic, fuel consumption and emissions data in US units (Tables)

Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program 2012

To download the report, click here (PDF 944 KB).

Emission data for years 1990-2012 (Tables)
Traffic, fuel consumption and emissions data in US units (Tables)

Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program 2011

To download the report, click here.

Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program 2010

To download the report, click here. (pdf 2 MB)

Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program 2009
To download the report, click here. (pdf 2 MB)

LEM Program 2008
To download the LEM Program Report, click here. (pdf 2.1MB)

For more information related to this initiative, please contact:

Michael Gullo
Director, Policy, Economic and Environmental Affairs
Policy Development & Economic Research
(613) 564-8103

LEM MOU Committees:

MOU Management Committee Members

Ellen Burack (Chair), TC: ellen.burack@tc.gc.ca
Bruno Riendeau, VIA Rail: Bruno_Riendeau@viarail.ca
Normand Pellerin, CN: normand.pellerin@cn.ca
Michael Gullo, RAC: MichaelG@railcan.ca
Helen Ryan, EC: Helen.Ryan@ec.gc.ca
Bob Oliver, Pollution Probe : boliver@pollutionprobe.org

Technical Review Committee Members

Diane McLaughlin, TC: diane.mclaughlin@tc.gc.ca
Ursula Green, TC: ursula.green@tc.gc.ca
Stephanie Roller, TC: stephanie.roller@tc.gc.ca
Enrique Rosales, RAC: EnriqueR@railcan.ca
Ken Roberge (Chair), CP: Ken_Roberge@cpr.ca
Erika Akkerman, CN: erika.akkerman@cn.ca
Bob Mackenzie, GO Transit: Bob.Mackenzie@gotransit.com
Derek May, Pollution Probe : DMay@pollutionprobe.org
Singh Biln, SRY Rail Link: sbiln@sryraillink.com
Louis Machado, AMT: lmachado@amt.qc.ca
Richard Holt, EC: Richard.Holt@ec.gc.ca

Click here to read more about the steps needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation among Canada, Mexico and the United States.

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