Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs includes coordinating the development of new rules, regulations and amendments under the Railway Safety Act, and monitoring their progress. It also includes activities such as advocating for the interests of RAC members and keeping them informed of new developments; providing advice with best practice guidelines on the application of rules; and assisting members, particularly the short lines, on industry related matters.

Scope and General Description of Activities

Rule making
Coordinate working groups, the drafting of Rules, various filings with the Minister and communications to the membership.

Advocate for the interests of member railways in the public policy area, represent them and keep them informed of legislative and regulatory developments.

Monitor the progress of new Acts, Regulations and Rules, inform members of their coming into force and of the impact these legislative developments will have on their operations.

Approach problems from an industry perspective and provide industry positions and responses.

Through its circulars, provide members with best practice guidelines on the application of Rules and Regulations.

Act as link between the Regulators and RAC members, particularly the short line membership.

Federal Agencies commonly engaged with:

Transport Canada
The Canadian Transportation Agency
The Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board
Human Resources Development Canada
Environment Canada
Canadian Heritage
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Industry Support (Training)
Where appropriate, the RAC supports the industry with generic approaches designed to meet rail safety and regulatory requirements. The RAC also develops specific training programs to address industry needs.

Equipment Securement Workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to provide regional and short line railways, shippers and receivers with the tools necessary to enhance equipment securement practices and understanding in their respective workplaces.


For more information contact:

Tanis Peterson
Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs
Telephone: (613) 564-8092

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