OTTAWA, January 29, 2013 - The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame (CRHF) is currently accepting nominations to recognize individuals, communities and technologies that have been instrumental in building the freight and passenger infrastructure that plays such a vital role in Canada's economy. The CRHF pays tribute to honorees in four categories:

  • Leaders - Those individuals deemed to have a significant influence in the construction of, development of, or promotion of the Canadian railway industry since its inception.
  • Heroes - Explorers, pathfinders, and individuals involved in the maintenance and operation of Canadian railways who have made a significant or special contribution to the Canadian railway industry.
  • Communities - Communities across Canada deemed to have historical significance to Canada's railway system, or industry and related individuals who have been instrumental in building communities.
  • Technology - Features significant equipment, structures, and technology that played a role in the development of the Canadian railway industry, and those individuals who were instrumental in this development.

 "This initiative has the dual purpose of enhancing public awareness of our industry's historic and on-going role as the transportation backbone of our economy and perhaps inspire a new generation of leaders to step up and participate in Canada's vibrant railway industry," said Shawn Smith, head of The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame Advisory Committee.

Canada's railways deliver freight and passengers in an environmentally sustainable manner moving more than 70 per cent of our nation's surface freight and 72 million passengers annually, while generating only three per cent of transport's greenhouse gas emissions.


Guidelines and Nominations
Nomination submissions are due by March 31, 2013.

Nominations may be submitted through the CRHF website at:

The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame is supported by The Railway Association of Canada (RAC), which advocates for and represents the key commuter, goods, tourist and intercity Canadian Rail businesses.


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