RAC launches online Canadian Rail Atlas

OTTAWA, January 18, 2017 – One hundred and fifty years after Confederation launched the idea of a railway that would unite the country, the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today unveiled the Canadian Rail Atlas, which allows visitors to explore that nation-building line and much more. RAC developed the Atlas as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations happening throughout 2017.

“We’re thrilled to offer map-based overview of the entire Canadian rail network in real time,” said RAC President and CEO Michael Bourque. “The atlas consolidates data from a wide range of private and public sources, and I know it will be a tremendously valuable resource for our members and for the general public.”

With a click of the mouse, the Atlas gives visitors access to a user-friendly, interactive map of Canada’s almost 45,000-kilometre railway network. Through the Atlas’ online interface, users can view all of the Class 1, shortline, tourist, commuter and intercity passenger railways operating in Canada, as well as mile posts, passenger stations and rail crossings. 

Produced in association with RAC’s member railways, the Atlas reflects current changes and developments in the rail sector, and gives Canadians a close-up view of what’s happening in the rail industry.

For more information about the Canadian Rail Atlas, please contact:

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