All members of the rail community have been affected by the tragic events that occurred early Saturday morning in Lac-Mégantic. On their behalf we wish to express our deepest sympathies to the families and relatives of the victims identified, missing persons and residents evacuated because of this accident.

Our efforts at this time are focused on supporting all activities in place to help the affected population and the identification of the causes of the accident at Lac-Mégantic.

The Railway Association of Canada and its members have dispatched their dangerous goods specialist teams to assist the efforts of the emergency and first-responder crews on site and civil authorities involved in the management of this tragic event. We are also collaborating with the Ministry of Transportation and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada in the investigation to identify the cause of this atypical accident.

The Federal Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods establishes rules, regulations and best practices to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods and the development of emergency response plans in the event of emergencies. This law is strictly applied throughout the rail sector with the result that millions of cars with products that are essential to our quality of life - from purifying water we drink to fuel used to heat our homes and power our vehicles - are transported by rail each year with more than 99.9977%% of these cars arrive at their destination safely.

The RAC also provides accurate and detailed training to member and shipper staff on the safe practices for loading and unloading dangerous goods. This training focuses on regulatory requirements, on the one hand, and the specific standards referred to in the regulations on the transport of regulated commodities

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