The Railway Association of Canada is supportive of recommendations made today by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) regarding the installation of in-cab video cameras and voice recorders in all mainline controlling locomotives in Canada.

“Our railway members are anxious to install these devices in locomotives. We have been on record for some time now with Transport Canada and the TSB, having informed both organizations that we wish to use video and audio as part of our safety management systems to prevent accidents,” said Michael Bourque, President and CEO, Railway Association of Canada.  

The Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board (CTAISB) Act, seems to limit the use of voice and video recordings to TSB staff in post-event investigations.

“Incorporating in-cab video cameras and voice recorders as part of railway safety management programs will help to ensure we achieve the intended objective of improved rail safety.

“We note that the TSB confirms that, under current legislation, it would be illegal for railway companies to use recordings as part of a safety management system to prevent accidents. This must change,” Bourque concluded.

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