This is our organization’s 20th edition of Rail Trends. The data in this year’s milestone edition shows the industry’s continued dedication to growth, safety and sustainability, and demonstrates why the Canadian rail sector is experiencing a true renaissance.

The driving force of this resurgence has been freight rail and the positive contributions and investments it has made to maximize the way goods are moved within North America and to international markets. Within a globally integrated supply chain, the country’s railways are working with customers to ship products in a timely way to new and traditional markets, thereby enabling them to add value and create more wealth for Canada.

In addition to robust freight expansion, there has also been significant growth in passenger rail. Rail moves more than 73 million people each year and this number is rising. Gas prices and urban sprawl have boosted the demand for investment in passenger rail infrastructure and services and Canada’s intercity and commuter railways have responded exceptionally well.

To download a copy of Rail Trends 2012, please click here.

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