The Economy

Canada’s railways move 75 million people and $282 billion worth of goods every year, while relieving road congestion and helping to limit harmful emissions. Rail is safe, reliable, and provides access to national and international markets, enabling Canada to successfully grow and compete in the 21st century.

Canadian Rail, by the Numbers (2013)

  • Jobs
    • 33,167 jobs in the railway sector
    • $2.9 billion in wages
    • 60,000 indirect railway supplier jobs
  • Taxes
  • Every year, Canada's railways contribute:
    • $431 million in fuel, property and sales taxes
    • $629 million in income taxes
    • $169 million in property taxes
    • $150 million in payroll taxes
  • Investment
    • $1.8 billion in capital expenditures
    • Unlike other modes of transportation, Canada’s railways fund and maintain their own infrastructure, and invest about 20 per cent of their annual revenue back into their network.

As the voice of Canada’s railway industry, RAC advocates on behalf of its members to ensure that the railway sector remains globally competitive, sustainable, and most importantly, safe. Governments consult with RAC in developing new regulations, rules and standards, and the association works to encourage regulatory stability and certainty, investment and growth.


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